Raymond Loewy

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Raymond Loewy

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Raymond Loewy - Industrial Designer [The man who streamlined the PRR]

Loewy's designs influenced the PRR from stations (LIRR), locomotives (GG1 T1 S1 and others), passenger cars "Fleet of Modernism" Style, trash receptacles for Penn Station, and many other design projects for the PRR.

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He also designed the appearance of the Brilliner ( J.G. Brill's less than commercially successful rival of the PCC streetcar)
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Phil Hom

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His firm also designed a fleet of subway cars for New York City. Its nickname is called "slats" 40's. :wink:

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Raymond Lowey & the B&O

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B&O Pacific #5304 was more famous as one of the "Cincinnatian" bullet locomotives in the late '40's-early '50's, but earlier in the late '30's she received bullet shroud streamlining treatment designed by Raymond Lowey on the Royal Blue running from Washington, DC to NYC.

A nice color drawing of the #5304 in her Lowey-designed shrouding graces the hardback version of Herb Harwood's book, Royal Blue Line, but does anyone know if a color photo exists of her in that design? There are plenty of B&W photos of her in that, as well as color and B&W photos of her in the later Cincinnatian shrouding.
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Raymond Lowey

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If I'm not mistaken, didn't he also design the Baldwin Sharks.

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Lowey's Slanted Subway Cars

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Well, keeping with Lowey's sloped design styling (to indicate speed) he designed a less boxy-looking subway car for the New York City Transit Authority in 1967 with the contract R-40 cars. They had a 15 degree slanted front end but the slant was pronounced enough to cause a gap on the ends where two 'A' units were coupled. This was deemed hazardous for persons moving between cars (as well as platform-waiting customers). And so the design was eliminated on the remaining cars still left in the order. New York never again experimented with any more 'radical designs' with their future rolling stock orders.

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What stations on the Long Island Rail Road was Loewy responsible for? Are any still in use?

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B&O streamlined pacific

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Whoa, there!!! Loewy had nothing to do with the B&O's streamlined pacific in either version. The first one (pre-WW2) was Otto Kuhler, who also did the Lehigh Valley engines, the Milwaukee Road 4-4-2 and 4-6-4s from Alco, among others. The second version (1946 Cinncinnattian) was designed by Miss Olive Dennis, a B&O employee in the mechanical dept.

Loewy was the chosen designer for the B&O's arch-rival, the PRR. And, as such, had nothing to do with B&O.


Raymond Loewy

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1953 Studebaker Starliner. Great looks on dated mechanical componenets.


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No discussion about Lowey wold be complete with a link to his offical web page located here: http://www.raymondloewy.com/home.php

You can see many of the things he was responsible for designing there.

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Hi All,

I do know that he created quite a havoc when he ordered a completely welded body for the GG-1. He didn't like those rivets at all. He also re-designed the marker lights and eliminated some of the ladders on the GG-1. He did quite a job on the esthetics.

I always wondered how much he influenced the Modified P-5 electric's design. This is the center cab streamlined version of the P-5 that was the template for the GG-1.

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