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Stand By ME

Post by OHanrahan »

Does anybody have any interestiong info on the railroad and locomotives used in the movie "Stand By Me?"

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Post by emd_SD_60 »

I think it was the Mc Cloud River Railroad, that's all I can think, maybe someone else can fill us in on the locomotives and etc.

BTW, didn't anyone notice how lightly ballasted their track was? :-D
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Post by va3ori »

Was anyone else annoyed by the fact that the railroad was portrayed as a killer that won't slow down for anything or anyone in its way? I enjoyed the movie but was more than a little miffed by this scene. Dramatic tension? Yes, but achieved by making the train an evil stalker of people on its tracks. And not for the first time in film, either.



Back to the Future 3

Post by OHanrahan »

Another odd train scene is at the end of Back to the Future 3 when the train smashes through Mike Fox's time machine and continues on its way. I know it's just a movie.

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