Christmas Train Available in Paperback

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Christmas Train Available in Paperback

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At your favorite bookstore, or even "the library" at Chicago area Jewel/Osco stores.

I think that the author, David Baldacchi, dispatched an assistant to take a ride on the Capitol Limited since there are some reasonably accurate descriptions of LD travel for that segment. Even the fictional character interplay is believable.

However, when it is time for the main character to continue his Wash-LA journey Westward on the Chief, all ties to reality break loose. Obviousxly, neither Author or Assistant have been anywhere near Raton Pass, as quite simply there are no chasms anywhere near such in real life. As for the avalanche, I guess there potentially could be near Canyoncitio, but even that would be a stretch.

All told, one more misalignment of real railroad life, but then I should be silent around here as I admittedly have little use for fantasies or comedy.

Simply allow my report that the work is now available in paperback to stand.
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Mr. Norman-I saw this book in the local Safeway in the "Bestsellers" rack. I was simply killing time while my bride picked up a few "last minute" items (that ended up costing in excess of $ 75.00). I don't read much fiction either so didn't add it to the wife's cart. I'll have to see what someone else thinks of it.
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