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Post by RailBus63 »

I saw this movie in IMAX 3-D over the holidays. I have to say, it was by far the best 3-D movie I've ever seen - the various 3-D venues at Disney World have nothing on this film.

That said, I can only recommend this film if you have a young child you'd like to have see it. It was enjoyably goofy at times, but adult railfans will probably want to wait until it shows up on cable in 2005.



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RailBus63 wrote:I saw this movie in IMAX 3-D over the holidays. I have to say, it was by far the best 3-D movie I've ever seen - the various 3-D venues at Disney World have nothing on this film.
It must be popular, because they've expanded the number of IMAX 3D theatres showing the film: http://www.imax.com/ImaxWeb/polarList.do


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The Polar Express Shatters Box Office Records During Third Weekend in IMAX(R) Theatres

NEW YORK, Nov. 29 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - The Polar Express: An IMAX 3D Experience, from Warner Bros. Pictures and Castle Rock Entertainment, broke multiple records for a Hollywood simultaneous release in its third weekend in IMAX® theatres, including highest weekend box office gross, highest five-day box office gross and fastest to gross $10 million, IMAX Corporation announced today...
Full press release at http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/041129/to019_1.html

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Post by clehman »

I've just finished reading all the in-put on the movie on this Forum and will tell my Son that we SHOULD take my Grandson to see it this coming weekend. We had planned on doing so, but then my Son said he heard the movie wasn't very good! Sounds to me like it's intended audience loves it - and that's enough to make me want to see it too. Thank you to all who saw it and those who talked with others who saw it for posting your, and their, opinions of the movie.


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I just saw <I>The Polar Express</I> for a second time, this time in <B>IMAX 3D</B> in West Nyack, NY. The 3D effect was excellent. For example, the opening shot has the "camera" tracking over the boy's bed to a close-up of his face. With the 3D, it's like you're leaning over the bed with your face just one foot from the boy's.

If you're going to see the movie, I suggest you go to an IMAX 3D theatre if possible. Check the list at: http://www.imax.com/ImaxWeb/polarList.do

The only thing I was disappointed about was that the theatre used the old polarized 3D glasses. I asked why they didn't use the new electronic LCD shutter glasses (see http://www.famousplayers.com/theatres/imax.asp and scroll to the bottom), and they said they got rid of the electronic glasses because they were too bulky. If the type of glasses is important to you and you have more than one IMAX 3D theatre in your area, you might want to call and ask which type of glasses they use.

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Live and Learn

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Live and Learn; you have to use those things at an I-MAX production?

Last time I was near those 3-D goggles was for flicks such as Sangaree and Bwana Devil.

But oh well, I don't go to movies.


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David Benton wrote:From a railroad point of view , it was my first close view of the american trap door system (assuming it was reasonably accurate )
Yes, it was pretty accurate. Missing was a latch to hold the trapdoor in the upright position and a foot-operated latch to hold the trap in the closed position. And, of course, it isn't a one-meter jump to go between cars; it's only around 10 cm.

Regarding the 3D glasses. The type of glasses was no big deal. I just wanted to see how the electronic glasses perform.

The last 3D movie I saw was Alfred Hitchcock's <I>Dial M for Murder</I> circa 1999. The 3D effect in <I>The Polar Express</I> was an order of magnitude better. I guess that's because the 3D processing is done by software instead of having to deal with an actual dual-lens camera.


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I did it again. I saw <I>The Polar Express</I> in 3D again. This time I brought my daughter. It took me 20 minutes to convince her to try the 3D glasses. (She is so stubborn; she must get it from her father :wink: .) Luckily, we arrived 30 minutes before the movie started. Once she saw all the other kids wearing the glasses, she decided it was OK to wear them.

And she really liked the 3D effect. Several times, she reached out to try to touch the characters!

Meanwhile, since I had seen the movie in 3D just last week, I was looking for some other details instead of following the main action. Twice I caught myself moving my head to the side in an attempt to see past a character or object in the foreground. That doesn't work with 3D movies! That's how good the 3D effect was.

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I have to agree with previous posters. Saw it first in 2D last month and just returned from seeing it at an IMAX in 3D. It was like 2 different experiences. The size of the screen, fantastic audio and of course the 3D affect made for a great experience.

I want to the Cinemark in Woodridge, Il. and they have already posted signs showing that they are sold out until after Christmas.

If you have the chance, deifinitely see this movie at an IMAX.

Don't wait for the DVD. You will have missed a great experience.

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Anyone else note the Polar Express float and balloon at the 2005 Macy's Thanx parade?

Also of interest; the DVD has now been released. I guess the premium movie channels are taking a pass, which means the broadcast channels could air it as part of a 'sweeps' period next year ("first time on TV", etc).

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Mr. Norman, I knew the movie was going to be released on DVD soon-I didn't realize how soon, until I stopped at a local 7-11 on my way to work today (Yes, some of us have to work on Thanksgiving.) and saw the DVD for sale at the checkout counter for just under $ 30.00.

BTW-last year's "Polar Express" set by Lionel was a BIG seller, being nearly impossible to find at dealers and selling for $ 500.00 or more on Ebay. I just did a cursory check on Ebay-it appears that sanity has been restored to the marketplace, with 4-5 pages of Polar Express sets up for bid in the $ 150-200 range.
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Yes, let's watch them steer that Berkshire.
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An Unexpected Plaudit

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The morning classical music host on WVIA-FM(PBS) put in a little plug for Polar Express last week. Seems the music is taken mostly from the third movement of Sibelius' Fifth Symphony.

Good taste, and in the public domain (no copyright worries). :-)
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Post by Gilbert B Norman »

I'm mentally thinking of the Allegro molto movement from Sibelius Sym #5 in E Flat Major Opus 82 as I post this (I have heard it performed in concert). Yes, it could easily depict a grand arrival of the train at the North Pole.

Who knows, I just may "break down' and buy the DVD, dang what the Times and Journal reviewers thought about the flick last year. I could also use Comcast on-damand PPV as they presently are offering it in the Chicago area; maybe elsewhere FAIK.

You note the public domain, Mr. Second Trick - I wonder how much in royalties MSNBC pays Beethoven's estate each time they play those bars from the Second Movement of the Ninth on the Keith Olberman newscast. :P :P

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