help me identify this film!

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help me identify this film!

Post by SledDawg » Mon Nov 08, 2004 3:15 pm

Some years ago (1987 maybe?) I took a trip to Montreal (on Amtrak, actually!) and saw a few of the films on show at the annual Montreal Film Festival.

One film was a sort of documentary about a large model railroad club someplace in California. The film is really about the film-maker's relationship with the guys in the club, as he tries to convince them that he's "OK"; that the film he's making about them will be serious, and won't make fun of their seriousness with the hobby. They gradually let him into the fold, and he comes to understand the personalities of the guys in the club and their commitment to the layout and its educational mission. As a symbol of their acceptance of him they place a model automobile in the scenery of the layout, and they move it around from week to week as he visits, seemingly reflecting their relationship with him.

It was a very cool, if odd, film.

Has anyone else seen it? What was the title? Where could I find it? Any help appreciated!


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