O. Winston Link

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O. Winston Link

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When I worked at the MCC up in Newfoundland '77-'79, I met OWL many times. He usually made a trek up to the RR at least once a month during the operating season. He was quite a character. He had his ten-wheeler stored up at Newfoundland. I lost touch with him after I left the MCC. I remember seeing a documentary many years ago on PBS about him and his work. Its a shame he never got to see his engine up and running. Also a shame what his wife did to him. Just read in another forum that she and her present husband pleaded guilty on charges of trying to sell Link's photographs that she stole. She is facing two more years in jail. I was sorry to hear of Link's passing. Another good railfan and historian has been lost. By the way he did tell me what the O. stood for, good reason for O. Winston Link. (problem is I forgot the name after all these years)



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I believe that the "O" stood for Ogle.

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See so many photos posted that don't take into account the background where it was taken. I always tell them to review his B&W photos which are still awesome for their composition.

Al Holleuffer

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I had the extreme pleasure of know Winston Link personally. When he came to Newfoundland to work on his locomotive he would spend the night at the apartment I shared with another MCCRR worker. He had a great sense of humor end enjoyed trading jabs with all of us. He had the rare ability to take it as well as dish is out and we had many good laughs over the years. he never made a big secret about the O., which did stand for Ogle, an old family name, he just didn't use it. if you asked him, he would tell you. It was just one of thoise things he liked to keep people guessing about. His passing was a great loss to the rail history movement.

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