I.D. of short story with dangerous kid antics

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I.D. of short story with dangerous kid antics

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Wonder if anyone recognizes the below story, and might know who was the author or where a copy might be found. I realize it's a long shot.

I read this story in a magazine, maybe 25 years ago, give or take. If I had to guess which magazine, I'd guess Atlantic Monthly, since my folks got that one back then, but it could well have been in another magazine.

The story is of a couple of kids, teenagers maybe, and I think told from the perspective of only one of them. His buddy is daring him to lay down along train tracks with a freight train slowishly rolling by, time things just right, roll over the rail in between train wheels to get to the middle of the track, lying down. Then do the same thing to roll over the next rail and get to the other side of the tracks.

The buddy does it and makes it across. Then the other kid does it, sweating it out, and makes it across in the end.

Ring any bells?


- Roger

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