Elvis at Memphis station

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bill haithcoat

Elvis at Memphis station

Post by bill haithcoat »

No, I am not a die-hard Elvis fan but liked him ok. Anyway there has been a program on PBS the last few days about him.

It shows him at the Memphis railroad station returning from the military.

I am absolutely certain this is the long since torn down Union Station in Memphis. Not the former Central station which today is the Amtrak station. I suspect the Amtrak station has moved around a bit, but this is Union Station-- completely different.

Now--the footage is black and white so I am not sure if it is morning or early evening. But I suspect it is morning. I see some heavyweight L&N coaches off to the right. I suspect they may have been lined up for the Memphis to Cincinnati seciton of the Pan American..

I cannot really tell what train Elvis is getting off of. The rear ivew of the car suggests streamlined configuration. It does not show a sideview. My suspicion is that it might be Missouri Pacific's Texas Eagle, Memphis branch. Or it could be the streamlined sleeper at the end of the Humming Bird..

Anybody else see this? Anybody else have any idea what train Elvis stepped off of?


Post by route_rock »

My wife is an Elvis NUT! I will have her check her books out and see if she has any info on that ( she just might some of the stuff she has has obscure information.

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