Saxon's Princess of the night

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Saxon's Princess of the night

Post by myfavscr »

I don't know if anyone knows the group but Saxon an early 80s Heavy
Metal band, put out a song called "Princess of the night". It was about
a steam locomotive that hauled a mail train.

Here are the verses minus the chorus:

Verse 1:
She used to be an iron horse
Twenty years ago
Used to bring the mail to me
Through the ice and snow
I've sat alone and watch her
Steaming through the night
Ninety tons of thunder
Lighting up the sky

Verse 2:
Speeding smokestack lightning
Engine working hard
Furnace and the front plate
Shining in the night
Iron striking metal
The sound of racing steel
It's all I ever want to hear
It's music to my ears

Verse 3:
Ninety tons of thunder
Lighting up the sky
Steaming red hot pistons
See the wheels flash by
Hear the whistle blowing
Streaking down the track
If I ever have my way
I'll bring the princess back one day

Personally I put that right up there with REMs Driver 8.

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Post by Metalrailz »

Excellent group and a great song...1981 Denim and Laeather album, first song...Metal Forever!!!!!!!!!
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