The Crash At Crush

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The Crash At Crush

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I enjoy prowling the web in search of little-known or local country bands - you get tired of the "top 40" approach of a lot of radio stations. I happened to see a song title "The Crash At Crush" which just HAD to be about the staged head-on on the Katy. Sure enough, the songwriter is somewhat of an educator, presenting Texas history in song to school kids, etc.

His web site is and when you find that song, there is a minute-and-a-half MP3, not the whole song but a good sample. He sounds somewhat like Gordon Lightfoot, and while I won't buy the CD just for that one song, it's still interesting to hear someone take a lesser-known railroad event and make a song of it. If you're a Katy fan or a music fan, it's worth a couple clicks to check it out.

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He was beaten to it, by more than a century, by Scott Joplin; one of his earliest ragtime compositions was "The Great Crush Collision", written the same year the stunt was staged (1869). It was (and probably still is) onlne.

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