Has anybody ever read...

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Has anybody ever read...

Post by general440 »

Has any one here ever read Ghost Train! by Tony Reevy? Its a collection of railroad ghost stories and folk lore from all over the US. Its fun to read and worth buying if you ever have the oppritunity.

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Post by Metalrailz »

Awesome book... I still think the story that gets me the most is the Express Train from Hell
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Post by general440 »

I don't remember that one. What page is it on?

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Post by theShrubber »

This thread caught my eye, since I wrote a dopey one page story to read to my kids at bed time, that I called "the ghost train."

So I got a copy of the book "Ghost Train," and have been reading the stories to the kiddies at bed time.

I'm not much a believer in ghosties myself, but the kids enjoy the tales.

With all the decapitated ghost tales in the book, I've got the kiddies trained now, so when I drive down the road and pretend my brakes don't work and yell, "where's my brakeman," they come back with, "he's off looking for his lost head!"

I like the photos in the book.

- Roger

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