Operation Lifesaver v. Disney

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Operation Lifesaver v. Disney

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Although I am unable to locate any reference to the following report at The New York Times Site (which I guess means that it is not news or not fit to print). CBS Radio News carried a report this morning that Operation Lifesaver has asked the Disney/Pixar animation studio to remove a "beat the train' grade x-ing scene prior to the production, (edit) "Cars", release in DVD format.

While one side of the argument could construe such a request as censorship, the other is all too often "life imitates art'. Anyone here who has been licensed to drive much more than ten years knows how observance of the "Three C's' - caution, courtesy, common sense - are largely in the forgotten pile out on the roads today. I believe much of the aggressive, inattentive, and unsafe driving habits seen today are the result of NASCAR's popularity, numerous TV commercials depicting "extreme' driving (who bothers to read the professional driver, closed course, do not attempt disclaimer) , and now the depiction on home entertainment of a "beat the train' scene.

The material should be removed.

(disclaimer; author holds a position in DIS).
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Which production?
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Shgould be the movie "Cars." I saw it with my daughter, and saw the scene when Lightning McQueen tried to get across the tracks ahead of the train. The train was personified, too, so "he" saw the car trying to beat him, so he sped up... It was a race to the crossing, and the car won. I was wondering about that myself when I saw it.

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