Murder, She Wrote: South by Southwest

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Murder, She Wrote: South by Southwest

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I just saw part of this TV movie. Jessica Fletcher (Angela Lansbury) is on an Amtrak train headed for El Paso where she is going to lecture at a conference. A woman disappears, and the mystery unfolds.

I saw the scene in the dining car, when the woman Jessica is dining with leaves, never to return. The interior looked closely like a Superliner II diner, but the more I watched it I thought it was a mock-up instead of a real car that was used for filming. There were chairs instead of booth seating, and lights were installed on the pillars between windows. However, the interior colors were good. The sleeping car aisles were way too wide to be real. Other than that, they did a pretty good job.

What cracked me up is they used stock footage of an Amtrak train passing by-possibly from Amtrak promotional footage. In one shot the train is pulled by F40's, while in the next few clips there are Phase III P42's!

I also saw a scene where the train stops because they thought someone fell off. It looked like they used real Superliner equipment in that scene.

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so I wasn't the only one who saw the engine switch mid movie!

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