Railroads to be eliminated from upcoming 'updated' Monopoly

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Jersey Jeff
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Railroads to be eliminated from upcoming 'updated' Monopoly

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The NY Times is reporting that residents of Atlantic City are upset that Hasbro will not include their city's street names in the new version of Monopoly that is being planned.

In addition to eliminating familiar locales like Park Place, Baltic Avenue and Marvin Gardens, sez the Times:
Pat Riso, a Hasbro spokeswoman, said it decided last year to poll fans to see how they might recast the game if it were to be developed today. So the "here and now" version will replace railroads with airlines. Utilities will be updated (Ms. Riso would not say with what, but allowed that Internet providers is a good guess.) Rents will rise, along with the cost of bail and the $200 payment for passing "Go."

Ron Newman
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This will go over about as well as New Coke.

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Ron Newman wrote:This will go over about as well as New Coke.
Here Here!

Gilbert B Norman
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Lest we note that it has been thirty years since one has been able to "Take a ride on the Reading'.

The change was simply inevitable.

However, my current set was acquired during 1969 (when I went back to college; uh wasn't I to "hit the books' and not play Monopoly????) and to this day is complete. I think it is a safe prediction that the 'Parker Brothers' sets will become collector's items.

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