Subway Wreck in Final Destination 3

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Subway Wreck in Final Destination 3

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At the end of the movie theres a horrible subway wreck after the train slams into a misaligned switch......what's scary is accidents like this have really happend on the NYC subway numerous times, not to the extent of what was showed in the movie(and I pray an accident that serious never does occur) but some of them were pretty in 1997 when a an (A) train derailed going over a switch in harlem....the last car of the train was completely ripped apart...luckily it was late at night and the train wasn't heavily occupied....In the movie the subway seemed to be a mockup of an R-32...the whole thing was overall....i'll say "sort of realistic" seemed to be a bit of a stretch but not too far off.....the only thing that got me was that a rat was which caused the switch to malfunction...come

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