John Grisham - "The Broker'

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John Grisham - "The Broker'

Post by Gilbert B Norman »

Since any John Grisham novel is written with movie rights in mind, I wonder if a few rail inaccuracies in Mr. Grisham's novel, The Broker, will simply be carried forth by the filmakers or will they be addressed and corrected.

In the book, "the broker', Joel, Marco, Giovianni, or whatever his "name of the moment" may be, does some gallavanting about Italy and Switzerland by train. However the book has him riding the Eurostar from Milano to Zurich.

Fact check, please; Eurostar operates London-Paris.

Secondly, 'the broker' finds himself riding in a compartment with a rather boorish woman passenger (no romance here be it assured - the romance is back in Bologna waiting to be nurtured). Once again, Compartments are not a feature of new European rolling stock.

It will prove interesting to see what the movie production does with these innacuracies, however, I should note that a quick check at shows nothing yet in the works.


Post by CoastStarlight99 »

I read The Rainmaker and The Chamber (both excellent) However I must agree that Mr. Grisham does sometimes have discrepancies on a variety of topics. The Eurostar does run in Italy, but not Italy-Switzerland, that is Cisalpino only. I rode both on my last trip to Europe.

The older Italian trains had compartments, but those new EuroStars have much smaller uncomfortable airplane-type seating. Its a shame they have adapted this way.

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