NBC channel 4 segment (New York City)

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NBC channel 4 segment (New York City)

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Tonight, Monday, Jan 16, there was a story on Channel 4 NBC in NYC about security in New Jersey at some hazardous facilities. They showed a couple of rail yards. They said that Conrail (Wouldn't it be CSX or NS officials????) has such a lack of security for their rail cars. They said that if these cars were targeted by terrorist, that would kill thousands of people in this area. They were able to walk/drive around in the yard for about an hour without being stopped. They didn't say which ones yards they visited but if you know the area or saw the segment, you know where it is. They said that some cars sit idol, unprotected for up to 2 days. Now why show this type of news story??? Why cause panic??? And when asked, Conrail officials refused to make any comments. And they say the railfans are the problems..... Just wondering why wouldn't the railroad speak out against the media?? They are the ones who are in the wrong.
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Mis-Information Drives out Factual Information

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Since the rise of all-news broadcasting, those who take a deeper interest in such issues have gravitated away from coverage provided by local outlets toward jornalism in greater depth -- C-SPAN et. al.... What's left among the viewership tends to come from the lower end of the economic spectrum.....people who simply can't afford cable. Among some in this group, the only thought toward the railroads, or any form of transportation, will come when the ambulance-chaser sponsoring the program raises the possibility of a lawsuit.
What a revoltin' development this is! (William Bendix)

Phil Hom

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What was the HazMat number?

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