Robert L. Stevens and Isaac Dripps

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Robert L. Stevens and Isaac Dripps

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Both men, Stevens as the President and Chief Engineer of the Camden and Amboy Railroad, and Dripps as Mechanic for the same railroad were very instrumental in developing American, and unknown to them, global railroading. Many of their innovations dating back to the 1830s became standard worldwide and many are used to this day. Among them are the "T" rail, use of crossties, spikes used to fix rails to ties, headlights, whistles, locomotive cabs, and reversing gear. Dripps assembled the locomotive known as the John Bull without instructions and without having ever seen a locomotive before. The 170+ year-old steam engine has been on display at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. for many years. The C&A itself was the first railroad authorised by a state (NJ) legislature and connected New York City (via boat to South Amboy, NJ) with Philadelphia (vis ferry to Camden, NJ). Stevens and Dripps were true pioneers of American railroading.
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