War of the Worlds

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War of the Worlds

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In the Scene "Exodus" an Amtrak train crosses at grade completely on fire, supposedly in Athens, N.Y. with a P42 and several coaches. Is there even a station in Athens, or for that matter tracks there? Does anyone know more about this scene?

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Athens, NY is on the West side of the Hudson, though Metro-North's Gennies (No question that's the MN livery in "Picture 2", though Amtrak's Surfliner's have a similar scheme) are recognizable on the Hudson Line on the east side of the river, but not above Poughkeepsie. The tracks in the Athens area aren't near the river, and there'd be no reason for a car ferry there with the Rip Van Winkle bridge so close by, but that's the movies.

The grade crossing in the movie was built for this scene. They had considered using Garrison, but not sure why they didn't go that route. Neat scene though, added a cool element to the story.

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