Grand Central Station on National Geographic

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Grand Central Station on National Geographic

Post by AznSumtinSumtin »

National Geographic will air a show about Grand Central Station soon. It will show all the station we see, hidden and abandoned areas of the place, and how it functions. The show is a whopping two hours long.
It airs on:
December 8
December 10
December 14
December 15
December 17
December 22

Show show is called Inside Grand Central. I can't wait! The complete schedual is here. Just click Inside Grand Central for more show times. Okay, thats all I got to say.

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Post by arnstg »

I don't have access to this channel but went ahead and ordered the DVD back in December. Finally arrived 2 days ago.

I was disappointed in it. It seems to want to cram everything into 10 second bites and not go into any depth. They even took scenes of Cary Grant in North By Northwest and completely scrambled them.

Scenes of commuters exiting trains were done at double speed completely obliterating what I was looking for.

I felt it was very shallow and could have cut some sections and slowed down the action on others.

Oh well.

Phil Hom

Post by Phil Hom »

Oh, you mean Grand Central TERMINAL as in GCT.

Grand Central Station is in Chicago.

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Post by keotaman »

Phil Hom wrote:Oh, you mean Grand Central TERMINAL as in GCT.
Grand Central Station is in Chicago.
LOL, also have 2 of those in NYC -- one is a Post Office, other is a subway station. A good explanation is here:
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