George Carlin: Life is Worth Living

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George Carlin: Life is Worth Living

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Hey everyone...just watched a hysterical comedy special on HBO by George Carlin. The way this ties into railroads is his skit on considerations of how to commit suicide. The line goes something like: "I'd jump in front of a train except Amtrak hasn't come through here in 30 years..." I thought it was curious for a comedian to even mention Amtrak and use it in a skit but there it is. Sorta said that he's actually right, 30 years ago Amtrak had many more inter-city trains then it operates today.

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Carlin was Mr. conductor in "Shining Time Station" for a while. Dont know if he was before or after Ringo Starr. I saw part of the HBO thing, though I missed the Amtrak part. Maybe he cursed Thomas out because he couldnt pull as many cars as Percy.
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After Ringo Starr.
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One of my kids, when he was about 4, found one of my old George Carlin videos and was about to watch it. He said he thought it was Mr. Conductor. Found it just in time to keep him from expanding his vocabulary!
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