February 2018 TRAINS A "Jinx" Issue

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February 2018 TRAINS A "Jinx" Issue

Post by Gilbert B Norman » Fri Jan 12, 2018 2:04 pm

TRAINS as well as many another publication has had this happen before - a jinxed issue.

The February 2018 issue appears just that - first there is a News article regarding a conference Yäger had at an.investment firm during November. He extols Precision Railroading - what else would you expect?

Well, I guess he can now extoll same to his new found friends "topside".

There is also an article regarding the unique bridge at.Chapman Bay WA. The article notes that the Cascade trains will soon be rerouted.

Well, a not-so-funny thing happened December 18 while the issue was at the printers.

The other TRAINS Jinx coming to mind occurred with their October 1967 issue where they had a lead article about Kansas City Southern passenger trains. Included was a quote from their CEO "We have no intention of leaving passenger service".

Funny how the same day the magazine showed up, there I am reading the Wall Street Journal - and there on the front page is a report KCS was going to do just that.

Oh the eumenidies.

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