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The Friends of Eddie Coyle (1973):

w/Robert Mitchum, Peter Boyle

Scene in Sharon, MA RR Station with an old Amtrak train blowing through the station at speed.

Also an outside night time shot of the old B & M North Station/Boston Garden.


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There was also the scene in one of the Hot Shots movies with Charlie Sheen, featuring an Amtrak train preparing for departure to Honolulu (!).

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Don't forget: The Seven-Ups w/Roy Shieder...he chases a crook and catches him just as a turbo-train blasts by in the background.

Also, Continental Divide w/John Belushi (in a straight role - he was good!) where he and the woman ride from Chicago to Montana somewhere...

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didn't bronson travel by turbo train (stock shot only) in one of the death wish movies?

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The Manchurian Candidate (the remake)

At least two scenes on board the Acela (with conductor audible on the overhead), at least one shot of the Acela passing by on the NEC (foggy).

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Made for TV movie 1978 Disaster on the Coastliner, Lots of big name stars inculding Robert Fuller(Emergency) William Shatner Pat Hingle Ramond Burr(the Amercan version of Godzila Toho) Lloyd Bridges(Commander Cain of the Battlestar Pegasus) and more.
Two California trains are heading at each other after a sabater reprograms a computer he later takes control of the train posing as a engineer. Lots of Amtrak look at the F40s the numbers keep changing different trainsets. and an interesting way of puting in a cross over in a hurry. As usual Hollywood does not know a thing about how train brakes work.

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Baseketball has some nice shots of SDP40s in the nose bleed colors also Pearl Harbor has a Genesis in it, to see it you must have the dvd with Widescreen when Rafe goes off to fly with the RAF they show that nice looking CBQ car in the back ground right before the film goes to the news reel you can see the tail of the Genesis.
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Don't forget Carlito's Way. At the end where Al Pacino is trying to make the train and the guys from the rival mob are chasing and shooting at him in Grand Cental Station and he justs makes it out to the platform where Luis Guzman sold him out to the other mobster that he beat up earlier in the movie and shoots him right next to an Amtrak train, an Amfleet II car.
"Doors are opening.69th St train making all stops.Doors are closing"

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Cheaper by the Dozen, actually is Metra, not Amtrak.

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