Movies with AMTRAK

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Movies with AMTRAK

Post by CoastStarlight99 »

What movies have scenes of Amtrak trains in them?

I can name 2:

The Italian Job-The end has the Pacific Parlour Car and other Superliners.
Breaking All The Rules-Has a short scene at a train station with Amfleets.

And, ARE WE THERE YET has a scene with VIA RAIL but no Amtrak even though they have a DVD promotion with Amtrak for 20% off almost any Amtrak travel until Aug. 31! Use promo code H513 .

What am I leaving out?

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Post by NJT Rider »

Cheaper By The Dozen
Trading Places


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Post by Amtrak31 »

Angels in the Outfield with Danny Glover, Tony Danza, and Christopher Lloyd. There's a train passing by in the scene but you can't see it very long, since it wasn't the main focus of the scene. F40PH's were leading it! :-)


Post by U-Haul »

Do not forget Witness with F40PH 268 and the Swarm.

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Post by CNJGeep »

I can't remember the name of it. Damn. But I do remeber that the hero chased the villan across the NEC and nearly got hit by 2 GG1s. God I LOVE that scene but I don't remember the movie.
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Post by NJT Rider »

Can't forget Trading Places.

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Post by NJTRailfan »

Trading Places is a really good one along with a Gene Hackman Movie called Loose Cannons. It also starred Dan Akyrod(sp?) along with an over weigth guy. There was an Amtrak train beign led by a GP-40 and then they were in Grand Central Terminal and on the NYC Subway. Late 80s/early 90s. I wonder if Under Seige 2 was Amtrak but with the fictional Grand Continental RR Paint job on those 12 Superliners
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Post by Launcher »

"Dark Days" is a documentary currently available on Comcast on demand free movies. Its opening several scenes follow an Amtrak train through New York City. It's great.

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Post by emd_SD_60 »

The first Superman movie with two SDP40F's leading a train, over a section of rail was taken out due to an earthquake, and Supes stood in as the rail! :-)
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Post by nittany4 »

there's an amtrak scene in "the lost boys"
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CP Dale

Post by CP Dale »

Me, Myself & Irene shows some AMD-103's if I remember correctly. Right near the end of the movie. I think they were at Providence station.

Sam Damon

Post by Sam Damon »

There was also a futuristic Amtrak train in The Island, a 2005 feature film with Scarlett Johannsen and Ewan McGregor.

IMDB entry for The Island

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Post by quadrock »

Wasn't there a high-speed train (Acela??) used in Rat Race?

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Post by nittany4 »

just watched a great movie from the 80s last night, "Blow Out"

may be the only movie i know of to show Reading Terminal and 30th Street Station (Philadelphia) in the same movie

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