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Don Phillips

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Former Washington Post writer (and Trains Magazine columnist) Don Phillips apparently has a new job with the New York Times. Phillips, who was one of the few reporters to specalize in rail industry matters, quit the Post earlier this year. According to his Trains column a new editorial supervisor told him the general public wasn't really interested in railroads. This week Phillips byline is back on a NY Times story about UP's congestion problems (front page of the Business section w/picture).

I know of only one other national media reporter who has a real understanding of the railroad business - Dan Machalba of the Wall Street Journal. Are there others in the regional press or in broadcast media with similar expertise?

Phil Hom

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The late Harre Demro covered the SF Bay Area (Oakland Trib & SF Exam) and penned a few books

Smilin' Ed

Railroads in Media

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You're right about most reporters being unfamiliar with rail matters. When I worked for the Kansas State Network years ago they showed pictures of a derailment of several covered hoppers in Wichita, with accompanying commentary about all the derailed boxcars. Hey, nobody can be up to snuff on everything.

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