Red F Unit in Superman

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Red F Unit in Superman

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A few days A go I came across the first Super Man move playing on TV and in the move it shows a Red F Unit with a yellow stripe wraped around the front of the locomotive and half way down the side of it. The date is in which this part of the first half the move is set in Kansas between 1948-1960? dose anyone know the name of the railroad that was filmed in the move or the railroad it is depicting?

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1st Superman Movie

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The young Clark Kent sequences were filmed in eastern Alberta or Saskatchewan in western Canada (obviously during the summer) I believe the train you mention is Canadian Pacific equipment with the engine (FP-7or9) dolled up in a sort of faux-warbonnet, the silver and red lightweight are in a pre-Via silver and red scheme. The ice breakers and roof boxes on the F are the giveaway. I love that sequence where he races it on foot with a young Lana Lang looking at him from the coach.

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