Railroad Publication Question

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Railroad Publication Question

Post by Lirr168 » Mon May 09, 2005 11:21 am

Hello all,

I am nearing the conclusion of an intensive semester-long class focused on producing a short story with the ultimate goal being publication. Being a railfan, I decided to set my story against the backdrop of the Long Island Rail Road; every detail relating to the LIRR is accurate, right down to locomotive numbers.

But you're probably wondering that this has to do with Railroads in Media. Well, here it is: as a young writer, getting published is hard, but I think a railroading publication would appreciate the technical detail involved in the story and give my work a bit more consideration. So, I was wondering: does anyone here know of a railroad-themed publication that would accept a short story submission? Thanks in advance for your help!

a.k.a Lirr168

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