Terror on the Tracks

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Terror on the Tracks

Post by Metalrailz »

Did anyone happen to catch this program last night(3/10) on the Discovery Channel hosted by Stone Philips. The program showed a railfan who caught video of a Norfolk Sothern crashing into the back of a tractor trailer at a railroad crossing resulting in a 9 car motor vehicle accident. The program also showed the fatal bus crash in Fox Grove. Before that show aired they had one before it called"Vehicles out of control", in this show they had news footage of the 2 NJ Transit trains that side swiped one another in North Jersey.
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Urban D Kaye

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Yep, I caught the midnite re-broadcast.

Interesting that 2 of the cases profiled on the program involved traffic lights that were so close to the tracks that a school bus or truck fouled the track while obeying the light. Reminds me of that berry truck collision at an Xing in SoCal a coupla weeks ago.

As for me, given the choice, I'm runnin' the damn red light.

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Post by CNJGeep »

Yes, I saw it. It was okay. Not spectacular, but not terrible

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