"Drag Strip Riot"

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"Drag Strip Riot"

Post by BR&P » Fri Feb 25, 2005 11:46 pm

I only saw this movie once, MANY years ago. It was shot in about 1957, and the good kids all drove Corvettes while the bad guys were bikers. At one point 2 of the good kids were playing Chicken, and had their Vette's parked on the track while an SP train headed by a PA bore down on them. Fortunately for all - more so the Corvettes than the PA - both peeled off at the last minute, avoiding a collision. Any idea how to get a copy of it? I saw it in black and white, but maybe it was just that our TV was B&W, LOL.

(for those into Corvettes as well as trains, imagine lots of them, with the NEWEST being '57's or so - WOW!)

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