"That Seventies Show" TRAINS

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"That Seventies Show" TRAINS

Post by Gilbert B Norman » Tue Feb 01, 2005 10:05 am

What a ride is March 2005 TRAINS.

By now, it should be in the hands of all subscribers. For those who came of age during the 70's, what a piece of nostalgia - and how priceless it is to see photos of guys with whom I actively railfanned during that era.

"We of that era", have now either or are fast approaching retirement, this issue is 'up there' with HS and/or College yearbooks or in the case of some companies that still 'care" about their employees, the "curriculum vitae" that is prepared for someone upon retirement.

This issue will be treasured for whatever years God grants me to remain on this planet.

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Post by Aa3rt » Tue Feb 15, 2005 10:13 pm

Mr. Norman, thank you for recommending this issue. I don't regularly subscribe to railway magazines anymore but picked up this issue on your say-so. I was not disappointed! The excellent article on the Erie Lackawanna by Larry DeYoung brought back many memories, having grown up near the EL mainline, not far from Jamestown, NY. I also especially enjoyed the article on the Rock Island.

Having spent 1974-1978 in the service of Uncle Sam, there were many things I missed out on. (Sailing on a Coast Guard cutter in the Atlantic for a good portion of those last three years of my enlistment severely curtailed my railway activities.)

This issue is, as you alluded to, like a yearbook of a decades' worth of memories, both good and bad, and brought it back to this 50+ year old.

My only criticism, a minor one at that, is with J. David Ingles writeup on Bicentennial locomotives. While it is a broad subject that was covered in less than two pages, how could Mr. Ingles have failed to mention one of my personal favorites, the Pittsburgh & Shawmut? Not only did the P&S paint their entire roster of SW units in red, white and blue paint, but they gave the locomotives patriotic names as well. A minor point to be sure, but one I felt was worth mentioning. AND-they retained the paint scheme well after the Bicentennial.

Pittsburgh & Shawmut Bicentennial diesels:


Thanks again.
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Post by emd_SD_60 » Sun Mar 27, 2005 12:10 pm

I just bought this issue, and I like it! I like the cover, with the Chessie GP40-2 showing off its Amtrak-issue all bells forward K5LA! I also loved the story about the 1975 Bicentennial locomotive shoot too, the two-page spread with the Milwaukee freight on page 54, and more! :-D
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Post by shortlinerailroader » Wed Mar 30, 2005 9:23 am

Great issue...perhaps now they could do an 80s issue with deregulation, shortlines/regionals, layoffs, the end of cabooses and which railroaders liked Duran Duran.
--Why did it say "84 axles" when we have 20 cars?
--It counts the engine, too

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