Xenia, OH

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Xenia, OH

Post by MR77100 »

I remember hearing about a book about Xenia, OH, which is now railroad ghost town. Who publishes it, and where can I find it?

bill haithcoat

Xenia, Ohio

Post by bill haithcoat »

Not to be sarcastic or irreverent, but wasn't Xenia, Ohio, always completely blown away by a tornado a few years ago, and did not rebuild? Or did it rebuild and I am all wrong?

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Post by krobar »

The F5 that hit Xenia was back in the 70s, I think it was 70, or 73. The town was rebuilt and was not abandoned. I couldn't tell you about the rail lines though.

Tom Pulsifer
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Xenia, OH

Post by Tom Pulsifer »

Go to the Ohio Railfan forum and click on "Xenia". Lots of info including mention of the book you may be looking for.

Smilin' Ed

Xenia, OH

Post by Smilin' Ed »

Xenia is a suburb of Dayton, OH. The tornado was in 1973 or 1974. We lived in nearby Englewood till late summer of 1973. Shortly after our move I opened either Life or Look Magazine and seeing pictures of the devastation. That had to have been a tough one to live through!

In those days we used to railfan B&O and Penn-Central and another line, could have been DT&I, but I'm not sure.

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