Georgia & Florida Railway (GFRR)

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Georgia & Florida Railway (GFRR)

Post by dconlive_ » Thu Nov 18, 2004 10:21 am

Does anyone have any info or knowledge on the Georgia Florida Railnet (GFRR)????
I know they are based in Albany, GA and have lines all over Southern Georgia and one down to Perry, FL.
I'm mainly looking for info about their customers and shippers on their lines. And any info on how many trains they are running.

I believe they do most of their switching with Norfolk Southern in Valdosta and Albany, but not sure if that is accurate.

Also I've heard CSX and NS have trackage rights to serve customers like the big wood/paper mill down near Perry, FL. And I thoguht I heard there is a power plant south of Albany, GA that gets served by NS.
Anyone have any info? Thanks.


Post by ACLfan » Wed Nov 24, 2004 4:31 pm


I've posted some relevant information to this post on the CSX and NS topics.

The G-F Railnet essentially has 5 lines in south Georgia:

# Albany - Thomasville, GA (x ACL = CSX)

#Albany - Sparks, GA, with a branch to Moultrie, GA (x Ga Nor = NS)

#Albany - Sylvester, GA (x ACL = CSX)

# Adel, GA - Foley, FL (x Sou. GA = NS)

# Valdosta - Nashville, GA (x G&F = NS)

In terms of an overall customer base, the customers with a large amount of carloadings traffic include:

The Miller Brewing Co. plant in E. Albany,
The Cooper Tire Co. plant in SE. Albany,
The paper mill at Foley, FL
The power plant SE of Albany, GA.

The beer brewing plant and the paper mill are joint operations with other railroads, but still provide a substantial percentage of the G - F Railnet's total traffic.

Coal cars for the power plant are turned over to the G-F Railnet by NS at Albany, GA.

Several lumberyards and pulpwood operations are located on each of the above lines. Additionally, wood manufacturing facilities (eg pressure treated wood, and wood veneer and sidings plants) are located on the Adel, GA - Foley, FL; and Albany - Thomasville lines.

Significant carloadings also still include agricultural products, primarily consisting of animal feed grains, fertilizers and agricultural chemicals.

Plastic pellets are received by various plastics manufacturers on the Albany - Thomasville, and Adel - Foley line. Manufactured plastics products include pipe, building materials, sheet plastic, etc.

Gravel, sand and cement; steel products, paper products, and a wide range of other commodities and products represent
carloadings shipped over the G-F Railnet lines in Georgia. Most of these mineral materials are incoming loads, but some are generated at on-line mines on the Adel, GA - Foley, FL line. Additionally, some Fuller's Earth mines and related processing facilities are located on the Albany - Thomasville line.

You may wish to contact the Georgia Department of Transportation and request a copy of the State's annual Rail Transportation Plan. The Plan contains an identification of the major commodities that are shipped during each calendar year on the various railroads in Georgia. The origination / destination maps provide a good indication of the types of commodities being shipped by rail in each portion of the State.

It is noteworthy that the G-F Railnet owns some former Canadian National wide-cab GM-EMD GP40-2L units (the first wide cab units built!), and are painted in a great-looking forest green color, with horizontal tangerine stripe along the side of the hood, along with a circular GA /FL states map logo. Ironically, these units are still equipped with snowshields over their air intake vents!

The G-F also has an assortment of locomotives that include Paducah-rebuild units, former Boston & Maine / Guilford System GP40-2 units, and a couple of former Camas Prairie GE B23-7 units.


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