Post your Alasaka Railroad Photos Here!!

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Post your Alasaka Railroad Photos Here!!

Post by jogden » Fri Feb 07, 2014 9:28 pm

Someone has to start, post your Alaska Railroad photos here!

Here are a few of mine, most are from a few years ago. Click on the photos to make them larger, due to size limitations, I cannot post full size images here. All photos were taken either as a paying passenger or from public property.

The northbound Coastal Classic along Kenai Lake, headed to a final destination of Anchorage, in 2010.

The southbound Coastal Classic rushes south along Turnagain Arm, towards a final destination of Seward, on an overcast day in 2009.

The head portion of the Denali Star sits at the Anchorage depot, unloading the last few passengers at the final stop of the day, in 2009.

Because of length, the Denali Star actually spots in two places at the Anchorage depot. Here the rear portion of the above train can be seen unloading across the street. It should be noted that 2013 was the last year of this practice, as the private cars seen in this picture will be hauled separately, as a private train, instead of operating on the rear of another train.

Someone left the rear knuckle open on the northbound Denali Star, that's bad luck!

On a sunny 2009 day in Portage, the Conductor prepares to disembark passengers from the Glacier Discovery, after a day's outings in Chugach National Forest.

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Re: Post your Alasaka Railroad Photos Here!!

Post by davidwp » Fri Jan 09, 2015 2:12 pm



Glad I found this forum, I am always anxious to share pictures of our overland tour of Alaska. As a railfan and model railroader, many of the pictures are about the Alaska Railroad. I even got a picture of ARR GP40-2 #3010 not knowing at the time that it was a movie star. I found that out after the trip when looking at an ARR motive power roster online. Click on the Alaska link in my sig and enjoy.

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