L&NE mileposts

Discussion of the L&NR railroad for the period 1868-1961 at its inclusion in the Central of New Jersey. Also includes predecessors South Mountain and Boston Railroad, Pennsylvania, Poughkeepsie and New England Railroad, and others.

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L&NE mileposts

Post by rhallock » Sun Jun 19, 2005 11:45 pm

I have become interested in railroad mileposts. Most railroads had distinctive styles. However I haven't been able to locate any pictures of L&NE mileposts. I have three books on the L&NE but couldn't find any mileposts in any pictures in them. Do any of you know what they looked like and how they were ordered? For example, the Erie main line would have "JC 123" for 123 miles from Jersey City. The L&HR had the distance from Belvidere on one side and the distance from Maybrook on the other. The total always added to 72. Both of these were made of concrete, but the DL&W used metal, and some others used stone.

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