Managing Ridiculously Long Threads

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Managing Ridiculously Long Threads

Post by Hebrewman9 »

A common problem I keep seeing with these 10+ page threads in some forums is that people keep asking the same questions over and over, and this results in a large portion of the thread consisting of bickering over people's ignorance. The fact is, however, that it can be tedious to page through, or even search through, very long threads. I'll leave this to the geniuses, but is there any way that this problem could be fixed?

Example: The multi-level thread is nearing 170 pages right now. Every page or two somebody asks about the current assignments, because they can't find concrete information in the volumnious thread to answer their question.

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Re: Managing Ridiculously Long Threads

Post by Chessie GM50 »

I'd guess that you could ask nick11a to lock that thread, and to start one titled "multi-level part two" or something as sort of a continuation of the thread. It has worked in another thread, I forget which one...

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Re: Managing Ridiculously Long Threads

Post by John_Perkowski »

An advantage of a long thread is it keeps all the info together. If a Mod locks a thread, then sooner or later it drops off page 1 of the forum.

A disadvantage is a new reader of the thread has a lot of stuff to wade through.

Pick your choice...
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