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Tadman wrote:One suggestion - I love HTOTHI, but the articles are long and don't show up often.
I agree they are a bit long and drawn out.

(Being nice here...on a personal note) I usually get pretty fired up after reading his articles, if we worked in the same district together he would not be one of my buddies. In his personal accounts at work, he shifts blame, comes down on others, carries a halo, probably worries about his speed tape..... total opposite of myself. His view on railroading,... is not what its really like out there on the tracks. The latest article for instance, "February 23, 2007 - Today it is yet another lesson in things that go horribly wrong" ..... no stories from him when he screwed up?

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Well, we appreciate all feedback, positive or negative. Of course remember that Tuch's articles are just one point of view, and the opinions are his...

How would you tell us how it really is where you work?

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