grrrrrrrr, New Topics since your last visit

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grrrrrrrr, New Topics since your last visit

Post by RussNelson »

grrrrrrrr, 'New Topics since your last visit' drives me buggers! Once you visit that url, you MUST visit those articles, because they will never be presented to you as new again. If your browser crashes, they will not be presented as new even if you immediately you revisit it.

UPDATE: actually it says 'View posts since last visit'.
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Post by ExEMDLOCOTester »

Isn't Technology Wonderful !

Mike Roque
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Post by Mike Roque »

Well, yes. If your browser is crashing, isn't that the real problem...?
Mike Roqué
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Post by GOLDEN-ARM »

Mine's not crashing, but after viewing a few topics, suddenly, all of the remaining "unread" forums and posts vanish, without a trace of yellow to be seen, anywhere. Additionally, if I make a posting, the "unread posts" feature also vanishes, along with the yellow flagging. It reduces me to searching, by reading the dates on all forums, and the posts inside, to find what's new, since last visit. Not sure why this happens, but the yellow is gone, and missed, as well......... :(


Post by CIOR »

Mike Roque wrote:Well, yes. If your browser is crashing, isn't that the real problem...?
Do you really need me to tell you the REAL problem?


Post by ExEMDLOCOTester »

If your Browser crashes


You exit,,,,,,, the result is the same

You begin Over !!!

If you have mulitple windows open and you close one....

You begin Over !!!

Suggestion .....

Don't exit !!!!

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Post by keeper1616 »

What I do - with no problems

1) log into
2) open each forum I want to read in a new tab (apple-click or click on the scroll wheel) (it works on PCs too - try it)
3) visit each tab and open each new topic I choose to read in new tab
4) close tabs when done reading

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