Model railroading forum lost in the shuffle?

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This is the only forum where I'm set to see all new posts regardless of the specific board that they're in, so the placement of the Model RR topics isn't really an issue for me...
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If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
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Post by Dieter »

Getting down here I felt like I was FFFFFAAAALLLIIINNNGGGGG!!!!!!!

Jese, we love you guys, but would you make up your minds? You're going to flip out the guys who are starting to get old; "Unnnh, I thought it was UP HERE......" You guys are getting like turning your back on a toddler when you put down a tool you need and when you turn around, it's GONE.

Do what you will but I don't understand the logic, especially if this is in the Top Ten.

Now that you have mentioned it, Mike & Otto, how about a list of the boards in order of popularity/usage? Clearly from the red warnings up top, somebody's had enough! Let's have a nice game of "How Do You Confuse A FOAMER?" and re-juggle all the boards each week. Whaddyathink?


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Patience is a virtue
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Post by Lirr168 »

I find that bookmarking each of the boards I visit frequently saves me the trouble of scrolling all over the place. Even with the physical arrangement changing, the forum ID ( has not changed, so the bookmarks are still valid.

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Couldn't help it.

Post by Komachi »

Otto 733t-ly typed...

"dO nOt rUn aWaY... wE aRe yOuR fRiEnDs..."

All your forums are belong to us. :P

Currious to see how this plays out.

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Let's discuss this over here.
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