Why only 5 emoticons? Where are the rest?

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Why only 5 emoticons? Where are the rest?

Post by danib62 »

Although I find them quite annoying a lot of the time, why does railroad.net let you only choose from 5 emoticons? I've seen other forums that give you much more selection. Are there perhaps some psychological scars that some of the admins have that only allow them to express 5 emotions? :wink:
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Otto Vondrak
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Post by Otto Vondrak »

If you can't express yourself in plain english, then emoticons aren't going to help you, either. Emoticons are shortcuts to true conversation. This forum isn't meant to be a collection of hopping, skipping, bouncing, smiling, jabbing cartoons.

Smiles, frowns, and winks seem to be the least intrusive of the emoticons, therefore they remain in the library. Don't look for any others to be restored anytime soon.

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Post by powerpro69 »

Yep, scarred indeed :-D :-) :( :P :wink:

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Post by RearOfSignal »

Otto: sorry I did miss that somehow! :(

I agree that dancing bananas can be an annoyance, what about just adding a few more of the different smiley faces? I don't think that any of them are animated, plus they're not very large. They're on the server, so you wouldn't have to worry about linking to any outside icons.

Sometimes, someone might say something sarcastically or a joke, but some of us might not get it or misunderstand the meaning, the appropriate smiley face might help someone get the idea, without it having to be explained out. There's nothing worse than having to explain a joke, or help someone out to figure a certain remark they might not understand. We don't have an angry face, a confused face, or a cool sunglasses face, or maybe even a smiley face with an engineers hat? :P

Any thoughts?
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Post by scottychaos »

I keep my own stash..I use them when needed.
but yeah, for the most part they arent terribly usefull, Image
and I agree we dont need a ton of them here..

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