"Dude, I'm lost" question

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"Dude, I'm lost" question

Post by motor » Tue Dec 09, 2014 7:05 pm

I subscribe to TRAINS magazine. So does one Ron Salters from Massachusetts. On the discussion on TRAINS' magazine-subscriber-only newswire regarding the recent stabbings on the Blue Water in Niles, MI, I linked the rr.net thread. Mr. Salters reported getting "Dude, I'm lost" when he clicked on the thread, whose link I pasted in full on TRAINS' news wire.

My question is, what causes "Dude, I'm lost" messages to come up when rr.net threads are linked externally?


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Tommy Meehan
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Re: "Dude, I'm lost" question

Post by Tommy Meehan » Sat Dec 13, 2014 11:23 am

First, I'm curious as to how you found this subforum. It no longer shows up on the Board Index, at least that I can see. I can only get into it through a link in one of my posts. Second, I wouldn't expect any answers to your question. There have only been two messages posted in this forum since June. Yours and a message I sent several months ago about somewhat the same problem. Increasingly when I connect to Railroad.Net I get a site unavailable message. (In fact, using Google Chrome I even lost the connection to the site once while I was writing this message.)

A lot has changed on Railroad.Net over the past few years. Often when I PM moderators I never get any response at all. PMs to Jeff Smith sometime take weeks to be responded to if they are responded to at all. That plus the removal of the About Railroad.Net discussion forum from the index leads me to conclude this site is kind of on auto-pilot.

As for your question, I tried linking a thread in Railroad.Net on another message board to see if it would open. It did but then I'm logged in. Not sure what would happen if I wasn't logged in. I wonder if other TRAINS subscribers are getting the same message? If not than maybe the issue is with Ron Salter's browser?

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