Random query - Why no GVI Family subforum?

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Random query - Why no GVI Family subforum?

Post by ctclark1 » Tue Dec 18, 2012 4:20 pm

I did a search and ran across some old threads about a FWI subforum that was closed many many many years ago for lack of traffic, as well as one that posited that GWI shouldn't be classified as a Class II forum... I understand that it some of GWI could be II, some could be III.

I'm noticing there seems to be more recent interest in GWI on occasion, and I'm sure in the overall scheme of things there's more traffic for GWI than, say, A&A. I'm not advocating closing the A&A forum, but is there a reason a GWI forum couldn't be reinstated and a quick search of GWI related threads on the entire forum done to move at least the more recent GWI threads into it to get it jumpstarted?

Just a thought, sue me if I'm way out of line here.

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