• High Water MA&N Utica Mohawk River (video)

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by ut-1
The Utica area got walloped by torrential rainfall 10/31-11/1.

There were washouts on CSX and NYS&W and MA&N also suffered flood damage.

Here's a short video showing the Mohawk this morning at MA&N's Utica bridge:

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  by SST
I was wondering if anybody got washed out.

I headed towards Batavia today on 33E [Walden Ave] past Corfu and caught a westbound CSX and then I caught up with and passed an eastbound CSX train. He was doing about 55mph as I was doing 60 [about noon]. I got to the Wortendyke rd crossing at Cargil before CSX did and pulled over and watched him pass. Empty garbage cars with gons and tank cars on the rear.

I assumed that any impacted from the weather has been either dealt with or was not effected.
  by lvrr325
I wondered if that low stretch around Oriskany flooded again. There was a band there that dumped like six inches of rain in one shot.
  by RSD15
CSX had over 35 trains stopped on the "Mohawk" with water over the rails and several wash outs along that same stretch.

The powerful storm front that affected the Northeast on the overnight of 10/31-11/1 caused many problems
such as the flooding which primarily affected Oneida and Herkimer Counties in CNY after 4-6 inches of rain
fell in about an 8 hour period. There were reports of possible tornados in Madison, NJ and Delaware County,
PA outside of Philadelphia along with high winds causing tree damage and power outages - on a personal
note I lost power at my home on LI for a 12 hour period on 11/1 - 1:30 AM to 1:30 PM.

Being a weather buff I was tracking the storm - it had a well-defined squall line of severe thunderstorms
along with very heavy rain - which ended up hitting the Hudson Valley north to eastern and central NY
quite hard taking note to the Utica area flooding. The huge temperature contrast of 25 degrees and more
on either side of the front contributed to how strong it turned out to be. If this front had daytime heating
with longer daylight to work with things could have been even worse than what actually happened...

I searched "Utica, NY Flooding 10/30-11/1/2019" finding reports and videos in the aftermath - example:
https://www.uticaod.com/news/20191031/u ... ugh-friday

Does anyone know how many washouts were reported on the Chicago Line and an idea of how Amtrak and
CSX trains were affected - were any detours used? Was there flooding in the Mohawk River valley eastward
towards Schenectady remembering the close proximity from one to the other?

The nice fall weather the entire Northeast is experiencing this weekend will help with cleanup and restoration
after these significant storms...MACTRAXX