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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by greenwichlirr
oibu wrote: Tue Sep 24, 2019 11:43 pm Any more current word on 5017's operating status?
It ran yesterday on a charter run.
  by oibu
Thanks for the updates, good to hear it is running and that whatever reason it was out of service as previously reported was short term or not serious.
  by oibu
That would be fantastic is 5019 could ever join 5017. Although if a new operator of the Adirondack branch came along and was able to purchase or work out a lease with 5019's owner, having two D&H rs36s running in 2 different places would be pretty awesome. Mostly 5019 just needs to have a chance to do something besides sit on a siding!
  by thebigham
Lots of pics:

https://www.dailyfreeman.com/news/local ... QxmdoLUTDs

Delaware and Ulster Railroad works to expand to Highmount, provides more scenic, themed train rides
By Brian Hubert [email protected] @brianatfreeman on Twitter

ARKVILLE, N.Y. — As the Delaware and Ulster Railroad works on expanding its scenic train rides to the western end of Ulster County at Highmount, it continues offering a growing number of scenic and themed train rides on vintage equipment over more than 10 miles of track between Arkville and Roxbury in Delaware County.

Wes Coates, executive director of the non-profit Catskill Revitalization Corporation, said they're hoping to restore train service to Highmount, about eight miles east of Arkville, by summer 2021. The non-profit manages the railroad and a 26-mile rail trail known as the Catskill Scenic Trail, which traces the historic Ulster and Delaware corridor west of where the tracks end in Roxbury.
  by airman00
I thought a few years back, the DURR had done some track work to get a single loco up to Highmount. Whatever became of that? It seems they replaced enough ties to run an engine up there, but it must’ve just been safety tying? I thought because of the work they did, the tracks might be in better shape? But regardless this is very good news! :-)
  by BandA
This is a very nice article. I believe the DURR asked permission to do this several years ago and Ulster County refused, it's nice to see something more positive from the county and from that newspaper.
  by AmtrakP32705
Tmasterdu447 wrote: Fri Jul 06, 2018 8:42 pm
Otto Vondrak wrote:Technically, some of the track at Highmount belongs to Ulster County and could be ripped up at any time. DURR had an agreement in place with CMRR to use the tracks that were just over the county border. DURR approached CMRR about rehabbing and operating the tracks down to Pine Hill, but Ulster County expressly forbid it. That was back in 2013.

As for DURR doing "better" than CMRR, I'd only agree based on the fact that DURR operates on a privately-owned right of way backed up in part with the support of a private charitable foundation; and CMRR is dealing with a hostile county government that places severe restrictions the corridor on which they operate.

Everything else is unsubstantiated hearsay.

Anyhoo, what equipment is DURR purchasing, and what will happen to the locomotives already on the property? Motive power issues seemed to plague DURR over the last few years.


Doesn't stop the DURR going and asking for a lease/permit with ulster county...

As for the CMRR in Ulster County... They had 35 years to restore track from mp 3 to 41.5 and they only restored mp 3 to 6.5, and mp 21.5 to 27.5. Making 9.1 miles out of 38.5. Horrible company decisions is what is killing that place. Not the county, they promised ulster county to have the track restored and they didn't. If I was the county I would be pissed...

The locos on the property, the 5017 and 116 are operational and in good health. They are just expanding business...

If you get down to the DURR, I'm sure there are familiar faces that would be glad to talk to you!
It’s funny you say all of that...your username is funny too. I have volunteered for the DURR and I don’t remember there being any trainmasters. I haven’t been up there in a long time though....life gets in the way sometimes. I seemed to remember a young kid who had his head up the General Manager’s rear end though....that wouldn’t happen to be you would it?
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