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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by lvrr325
And the answer is because 1000 feet of track doesn't affect his plans to destroy the corridor.
  by thebigham
Ulster County only cares about the railroad grade through the Ashokan reservoir. Not so much from Phoenicia to Highmount.
  by Benjamin Maggi
Can anyone tell me what locomotives they are using for their trains currently? Is the RS36 (#5017) still running? What about the former NYO&W #116? Thanks.
  by Alcoman
The D&U is supposed to get 2 M420's at some point. Not sure of the current status of that.
  by New Haven 1
Interesting bit of info Alcoman.

Can you elaborate further?
  by Benjamin Maggi
I called the DURR today to ask about the #5017. I was told it was not currently running. When asked if it was stored in the shop or out somewhere public where it could be viewed (and photographed), I was told it depended on the day. Sometimes it is outside, sometimes it is in the shop.
  by oibu
Not sure why DURR would need 2 M420s, OR where 2 M420s would even be available right now... I guess M&E still has at least one sitting around, but there aren't too many still around that aren't currently earning their keep daily that I can think of.
  by Alcoman
I was told that 1) they needed two locos that MU'ed for use on the Highmount section and 2) the price was right on the M420's.
Apologies if this info is available but I can't seem to find anything related to it:

Does anyone know when the DURR plans to begin running excursions on the Highmounnt/Belleayre section that they intend to restore? Any progress reports? I found some info but it dates back to 2018. I would like to go up their for the foliage this year and wasn't sure what the status was.

Thank you in advance.
  by lvrr325
Presumably they'll run to Highmount when they have the two MU-able locomotives to run with.
  by thebigham
How much money did they spend to truck the NYO&W painted engine to Arkville? $50k? $70k?

Now they want to bring in two more engines?
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