CN/NTR Senneterre - Cochrane questions

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CN/NTR Senneterre - Cochrane questions

Post by frankgaron2 » Fri Sep 16, 2016 6:25 am

I rode this line right before VIA stopped running their one train a week west of Senneterre. Quite a fun tri plodding along at 15-20mph and knowing that you were the only train on the line for the entire week!

Some questions please:

1. When did the last freights run west of La Sarre? How frequently did they run/what amount of traffic etc?

2. When did CN finally rip the line up and who owns the roadbed now?

3. Does anybody have any pics of operations say from 1980 to now of the line they could share?

4. It seems like once the line diverting traffic to Toronto was built it was then the beginning of the end, am I right? How fast/slow was the decline?

5. Did VIA service their own train in Cochrane in later years or did they have ONR do it?

6. What are current operations like on the line still in operation east of La Sarre? Google Maps shows Senneterre yard empty. It was still fairly busy when I was up there in 1988 or so.

Would love to hear from others who have an interest in this line as I have a ton of questions. I'll try to scan my slides from my trip to share here.



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