New GO scheme

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New GO scheme

Post by Tadman » Mon Jul 29, 2013 1:57 pm

In the apparent "make work" department, GO Transit has unveiled their new paint scheme.

First, recall if you will, the MP36 had a new scheme with same colors that GO has had for decades. I like it, and it was easy because it still matches the massive fleet of bilevels. See pic below for F59 and MP36 next to each other: ... 161&nseq=8" onclick=";return false;

Now, it would appear the management has changed their minds and decided to repaint the recently delivered (and certainly not in need of paint) fleet to this: ... 049&nseq=0" onclick=";return false;

It's two new shades of green. Neither match the monster fleet of bilevels, so they'll have to paint that fleet, too, or have three shades of green. Further, they're going from a scheme that accentuates the MP's curves (quasi-streamlining if you will) to the most mundane stripe job that flares to a white opening at the front (making it easy for grime and bugs to stand out).

Am I the only one stumped here? I'm not Canadian, but I hear they're having some serious budget issues.
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Re: New GO scheme

Post by Ken V » Mon Jul 29, 2013 8:06 pm

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