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Post by John_Perkowski » Wed Dec 24, 2014 10:32 am


This is a time when honest people see their work destroyed by dishonest people. We've seen terrorism, violence, vandalism and yes, thefts of metals for their recycling value. We've also seen railfans who endanger themselves.

Please, if you see something, say something:

You can always call 911

Major railroad police department numbers:

Alaska Railroad: 907-265-2504

Amtrak: (800) 331-0008, text message 27311

Buffalo & Pittsburgh Railroad: 800-227-7245

Burlington Northern Santa Fe: 800-832-5452

Caltrain: 877-723-7245

Canadian National Railway: 800-465-9239

Canadian Pacific Railway: 800-716-9132

Central Maine & Quebec Railway: 866-311-6851 (USA) — 866-940-7774 (Canada)

Central Oregon & Pacific Railroad: 866-527-349

Connecticut Southern Railroad: 866-527-3499

CSX: 1-800-232-0144

Florida East Coast Railway: 800-342-1131

Indiana Rail Road: 800-677-1985

Iowa Interstate Railroad: 800-321-389

Kansas City Southern Railway: 877-527-9464 (USA) — 81-8305-7957 (Mexico)

Maine Eastern Railroad: 207-596-6705

MBTA: 617-222-1212

Metra: 312-322-2800

Montana Rail Link: 800-498-4838

Morristown & Erie Railway: 973-267-4300

New England Central Railroad: 866-527-3499

New York, Susquehanna & Western Railway: 607-547-2555

Norfolk Southern: 800-453-2530

Paducah & Louisville Railway: 800-444-2580

Pan Am Railways: 800-955-9217

Providence & Worcester Railroad: 508-755-4000

Reading Blue Mountain & Northern Railroad: 610-562-2100

St. Lawrence & Atlantic Railroad: 877-414-7905 (USA) — 888-641-2177 (Canada)

Union Pacific: 1-888-UPRRCOP (877-7267)

Vermont Rail System: 802-658-2550

Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway: 330-767-3401

We will keep adding numbers to this list.
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