• Video: SNCF 1955 speed record runs

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  by spRocket
This is the first part of a three-part film of the 1955 speed record runs of 331 km/h using locomotives CC 7107 (first run) and BB 9004 (second). Even with my nearly nonexistent command of French (my second language is Spanish), it was well worth the watching. It amazes me that the record would hold, for locomotives at least, more than 50 years.


What gets me is just how much juice they must have been forcing through the 1.5 kV catenary. In the aerial views of the trains, you can see huge, smoke-streaming arcs from the pantograph. I'm wondering how much was left of those contact bars. :grin:
  by jwhite07
And here I thought only the New Haven had really cool catenary towers! From a quick internet search, I learned they're still standing and in use, too.

Very neat videos. My French is nearly non-existent too (that was greeeaaaat when I went there once!), but that does not detract from the enjoyment of these videos at all. Thanks for raising awareness of their existence.
  by johnthefireman
Thanks for posting this. Very interesting. My French is also rudimentary but I was able to follow it ok. As interesting as the actual trains was the equipment they were using to monitor the trains, the railside infrastructure, and the people.