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All about the Arcade & Attica Railroad

Moderator: Benjamin Maggi

  by ctclark1
This popped up in my recommended list tonight: https://youtu.be/hp0tKa92h1c

Footage from a trip by the 'Railroad Enthusiasts' in August 1938. Unfortunately true to the video's title, about half of the video is spent on the PRR's navigation of the interlocking at Tower 49 and trip down the Buffalo Line.

Notable, however, is the Arcade Junction station, as well as quick drive-by footage of Curriers and Java Center stations, and some action at the Erie station in Attica. I hope there's more footage like this to be discovered.
  by Benjamin Maggi
Neat. I have seen that before. Too bad that would never happen today.

Oddly, at the 30-second mark they show a picture of A&A #14, which wasn't on the property in 1938.
  by ctclark1
I'm also curious, I can't quite make out the station sign at the 5:05 mark. Looks like it starts with an A. Did A&A have their own depot in Attica? I was previously under the impression that they shared the depot there with Erie.