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  by .Taurus.
How many of these new observation cars did VIA Rail bought ? Picture
Who used them before ? ( they weren't new built, right ? )

In which trains did they run ?

They didn't use them in the long distance trains ( which now use the newer "Renaissance" cars ) as an replacement for the older dome cars, right ?
Pics of Budd Observation Car and Renaissance Cars (1) and (2)

Did VIA Rail use them in their own scenic excursion trains*) ( not long distance ) ?
new picture of these cars after a long time
*) If VIA have these kind of train travel, so what's "The Snow Train" ?

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  by Tom6921
Those cars are former BC Rail single level dome cars that VIA bought in 2003. They are used on the Skeena during the summer. They also run on the Edmonton-Jasper Snow train in the winter. The snow train runs west to Jasper on Fridays and returns to Edmonton on Sunday.

  by Ken V
There were three of these Panorama cars acquired new by BC Rail in 2000 and all were purchased by VIA when BC Rail discontinued passenger service at the end of the 2002 season. They were originally built by Colorado Railcar for the Florida Fun Train but were never delivered.

  by .Taurus.
OK Thx :-D
  by jp1822
These cars are great for the Skeena train's "Totem Deluxe" class. I am glad that they have some use in the winter as the Edmonton-Jasper "Ski Train." There was another car that VIA Rail purchased from BC Rail I believe - the "Glen Frasier" lounge car. Would love to see these cars and the Park Dome/Lounge Cars get more use in VIA's system year-round. Having the Park Car on the Hudson Bay line was even great and added variety to VIA's system. This is what makes the railroad, VIA, unique - the equipment and flexibility to use it for different routes. I wish they would have the Easterly Class offered more on the Ocean (i.e. during peak travel seasons). The Park Dome/Lounge Car really makes this train complete for me. But I enjoyed riding in the Panorama cars on the Skeena route. The Skeena and Canadian are on the top of my list for best regularly operated public trains. Even though they are not really true "dome cars" they do offer great vistas for taking in the scenery.

I think if VIA had won the contract to operate over the former BC Rail from Prince George to North Vancouver, these cars would have operated also on this route. But Rocky Mountaineer has that contract - for now at least.
  by timberley
The repainting of these cars was done at IRSI in Moncton, NB, who have done a number of projects for VIA Rail, including many of the redesigns on the Renaissance cars. At this link http://www.industrialrail.ca/services.php#pcarp, scroll down, and you can see a slide show of the Panorama cars going from the former owner's pain to the new VIA scheme.
  by Montrealrail
It was siiting in at the Montreal maintenance center..
Th first time I see one of these..I eared about that VIA get two like that..
  by electricron
Doesn't VIA have any car maintenance facilities closer to western Canada than Montreal?
  by Ken V
VIA has a maintenance facility in Vancouver that can handle most routine tasks (plus a smaller facility in Winnipeg) but any major work that VIA does is only carried out in Montreal.
  by electricron
Ken V wrote:VIA has a maintenance facility in Vancouver that can handle most routine tasks (plus a smaller facility in Winnipeg) but any major work that VIA does is only carried out in Montreal.
Thanks. I guess that means that Skeena dome car needs major work performed.
Looking at the photo, it's hard to see what major work is required? It looks great!
  by marquisofmississauga
This coach arrived in Toronto last Tuesday on the Canadian according to VIA personnel I spoke with. I saw it outside the Toronto Maintenance Centre on Wed. There are three of these cars, numbered 1720, 1721 and 1722. Three years ago I saw all three of them on the "Snow Train", which was the Edmonton-Jasper winter only train that departed Edmonton on Friday afternoons. It appears the "Snow Train" isn't running this year.
  by jp1822
It also appears that the "Touring Class" that utilizes these cars on the Skeena (Jasper-Prince Rupert train) is not going to be in service until June 1 now, instead of the middle of May or late May, as has been previous practice. Guess they are in for some overhaul and VIA wants to be cautious about returning them to service too early? I was hoping to book a trip on the Jasper - Prince Rupert Train in late May in Touring Class. Guess it will have to wait till June! Course bookings in touring class on this train were kinda light in Mid-May, but it usually served as "training" period for the crew that would staff the train during the season.
  by electricron
Isn't there a winter train they could use it on somewhere? I doubt it can be coupled to Renaissance cars, I know it can be coupled to Budd cars. How about the train to Gaspe?
  by jp1822
VIA used to use it on the "Ski Train" that operated seasonally from January to March. However, this service was discontinued this year. For the most part, these three ultradomes that provide "Touring Class" on the Skeena (Jasper - Prince Rupert train) largely stay idle in the months they are not used as "Touring Class" on the Skeena (i.e. Mid September to Mid-May). Could VIA use them on other routes to beef up winter "sightseeing" - perhaps. But VIA has enough trouble just getting the regular train to Gaspe running tri-weekly!!! I am also not sure if these cars are fully "winterized." I imagine they are. If so, they could be added to the Ocean in off-peak season and used as a lounge car. VIA would have to haul out the Renaissance transition car though to make this work, but the Ocean could sure use a descent "lounge" car - out of its Renaissance train sets!
  by Montrealrail
For put that car on the Renaissance car,I do not believe that will be possible,when the VIA 14/16 leaving out Montreal,and they combine Renaissance with Budd cars,traverllers are not allowed to get from renaissance car to a budd car,and they use to put the baggages car at the center,to get insured that no traveller can change of train while running..

But I eared about that some travelers prefer the Ultra-Dome car to a Park car at the end of the train..